Tuesday, January 29, 2008

happy fucking birthday

what the fuck just happened exactly.

my hand hurts from punching walls so i don't care about punctuation and shit like that.


I woke up with a cold and a third-eye zit. Shyness issues kicked in today and I didn't talk to Mesha very much. Wanted to! But hey, day 1 that i've seen her since we started going out I'll have lots of chances, this wasn't really an issue. Courtney Grant is a bitch. Not a big issue either, but it wasn't a high point of my day. apparently i DO care about punctuation and shit like that, wows. also i missed out on giving blood cause i ran out of time. i really wanted to donate blood to prove i'm not a fucking pussy, i really was scared of that god damn needle my dad said it was huge and i wanted to prove i wasn't. so my dad picks me up from school like he said to take me to their house they set up a birthday party for me (they told me to invite friends but i didnt because i thought people would think it was stupid), something off about him, something recent. and i figured out why. Vicki Rose, the fucking two-faced bitch, told him that Dan Bennett picked me up from school ONE FUCKING DAY, JUST ONE, when i specifically told her not to, and that i told her not to! What the fuck is her god damn problem she causes shit wherever she sticks her god damn nose. so later on he just fucking flipped on me for no fucking reason cause he thinks everyone else causes his damn problems. and then when he made me cry (yes, i cried. its rare. it doesn't make me a pussy so get the fuck over it) he attributed it to my mom, who wasn't in a fucking 60 mile radius at the time. YOU DID IT, YOU FUCKING PSYCHOPATH DIPSHIT. when we got to main stage where vicki works i got out and went to the back of it and punched the wall and kicked it. foot feels fine now though. he came around and started being a shithead some more until he walked off and i lenaed against a tree still i decided to take off. i got up to main street, which is where our movie has a cameo appearance from BAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cinqmars. he offered to let me use his mom's phone, but she lost it or something i guess. i hate the basin park hotel, they wouldnt let me use one of their phones. fucktard assholes. also i stopped being emo back at the tree bit, fyi. just after basin park my dad found me and made me get in the car. i talked him into taking me home while vicki fucking rose made me feel bad for trying to get away from a bunch of fucked up douchebags by saying she decorated for my party. i did want to eat that angelcake and eat ham my favorite meat but i hate those fucking people so fuck their hard work. no i don't want to fucking work it out you just ruined my fucking birthday fuck OFF. so they drop me off and they keep acting like its my fault. god damn cockbites. sitting in the dark is fun.

happy fucking birthday to me! ... and mr. allen!

EPILOGUE: my mom is taking me to sparky's and mr. bennett's getting me a cake to make my day not suck! be back in a bit.